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The lecture notes are deposited here for your reference. Hard copies of these notes can also be found at the Reserve Section of the University Library.
You may download the file by clicking your right mouse key while pointing at the link.
I have converted the files to PDF files which can be read by Acrobat Reader 3.0 or above. To download Acrobat Reader, please click here. When you print the pdf files, it is appropriate to check the box 'shrink to fit' in the print menu.
Course Outline
Chapter 2 : An Overview of the Financial System
Chapter 3 : What is Money?
Chapter 4 : Understanding Interest Rates
Chapter 5 : Portfolio Choice : The Theory of Asset Demand
Chapter 6 : The Behaviour of Interest Rates
Chapter 10 : The Banking Firm and Bank Management
Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3
Assignment 4